To download most of these files you need to sign up for fallout3nexus or falloutnewvegasnexus.
Newwwwwwwwww Veggggaaaaaaaaasssssss! woot. will add new vegas maddon section as soon as poss.
WARNING If any of the weapon download links do not work simply search for the weapon on fallout nexus
News: Added a weapons section, it's not maddons but it will help you through the maddons.
News: YAY (^_^) theme change!
That glitch with zombie apocolypse where the zombies are invisible is fixed hopefully try it out and leave a comment. Phantomuzumaki (^_^)
News: officially has 1000 views on 15th June 2010. YAY!
News: Laptop gone bust again wont be on till fixed soz. When i'm back online will add alot more new maddons.

The fallout 3 modders youtube group

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News: yay my copy of fallout finally started working again and i'm making more maddons.
People have been creating mods for years and not just for fallout 3 but has anyone ever created a mod made DLC, the answer is yes they have but i am just collecting them together for you.
And if anyone knows of another mod made addon leave a comment.
Credit goes to all those creators you know who you are.
Oh and credit goes to weebly, youtube and fallou3nexus for letting us do so much on the net.