Magnetic War: Part 1 garbage mountain

There is a war going on outside the wasteland and you have been enlisted to help.
If you like war then this is your maddon, no quest, no missions just full-out war.
This mod contains hardcore war. You will definitely yell DAMN!...or MOTHER OF SH*T! at least 8 or 9 times. I certainly did, and I knew what was coming. Think opening scene of Saving Private Ryan meets walking barefoot across a bed of smoldering coals meets crapping in your pants to the sound of gunfire. It's kind of like that.

To join the Minutemen and start the war, just visit a recruiting center.
There's one outside Rivet City.
There's one between Megaton and Springvale.
Make sure you're completely ready when you enter the recruiting center.
Once you enter, you won't be able to get back outside as you will be
taken to Boot Camp right away. So get all your shopping and errands
done first.
Phantomuzumaki says: 97.5%