This mod provides you with a new kind of travel system, that is supposed to be closer to the classic
series. But there is a lot more in this mod, so I suggest you read the instruction PDF Files. There
you can find a overview about the key features of this mod.

Feature Overview

- 4 New Worldmaps to populate with new worldspaces
- 1 populated Town ruled by Ghouls
- 3 unpopulated Towns, including a lot of new meshes and textures, with very unique design.
- 4 Wilderness Locations to explore
- 1 large Playerhome with a few unique Features
- New Travelsystem in D.C. and outside D.C. by Motorbike, Highwayman, Ship and Boat.
- 65 Types of Random-Encounters, that can be meet on your Travel with 2 Random-Encounter-Zones.
- Many new customize options for Companions
Just wow, you cn travel to four different wastelands with towns and player homes and followers and random encouters. All I can say is--
Phantomuzumaki says: