The Mantis Imperative

The largest and central component of the mod. This is an adventure mod that leads you into the troubled past of Mantis Labs, a company that flourished before the Great War due to certain techonological advances pioneered by its scientists. Even though its employees are long since dead, something lives on within its walls...


* new adventure that takes the player to different areas
* four new monsters (one with a brand new model) that may also show up in the Wasteland
* three new weapons (two new models)
* new radio station with over two dozen lor-friendly songs, a dozen commericals, and lots of new voice work. Selections include Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, and many others. All songs have been verified to be either public domain or usable under a Creative Commons licesnse.

Mantis Labs. A forgotten corporation that slipped into obscurity after the War. Something within its dark walls has awakened...