The New World


When you come to The New World, you'll find a city living in peace and prosperity. The city is running well. Some shops have opened up, and even a few factory have started production. You can do all kinds of small quests, and that way find out that there is something not right.

After going through the city for a while, you'll be asked to help in the area's around the city, where de-radiation is going on. When you come into the Barren Lands, you'll find a land that is far worse than the Wasteland. Large area's filled with high levels of radiation are scattered around the land, and your job is to help the de-radiation teams. But why are all your team-mates wearing those big guns. What's going on out there.

You'll find out that hundreds of civilians, even woman and children aren't spared. Those who survived the killings have hidden themselves in caves and old buildings, scattered around the Barren Lands.

Now it's up to the you, keep working for the NWO, and bring the horrors of the Barren Lands upon the Wasteland as well, or join the rebel army in the harbors of Baltimore, and fight alongside them against the NWO, so the rebels can take over the city, to finish what the NWO started, without the mass slaughter. Fact is that the NWO has much bigger capabilities if it comes to restoring peace, and keeping order.

Why did the New World Order kill all those civilians outside the city? Why those tight security in the whole city? Fact is that the NWO has much bigger capabilities if it comes to restoring peace, and keeping order.

Dear Sir, Ma'am

This is an official invitation to The New World. We have heard of your actions in the Wasteland, and we want to over you the change to Walk into the New World and start exploring a complete new World.

The New World is one of the biggest known operations of the New World Order. After they had developed the De-Radiator Technology, they started testing just south of Baltimore. After a major break-through they desired to stay on location and use the present test facility for ther first project. Creating a new clean city, where civilization could start over.

After the first part of the New Capital was completed in the year 2259, many civilians have moved in to the city. The city has been growing ever since. Now populated by about 15000 people. It is at no doubt the largest occupied city in the world. Small company's start to rise, and in 2264 the first furniture factory has opened its doors, offering work to about 1000 people. After that 3 more factory's have there doors.

The area around Jeff Heldens Plaza has become the Heart of the city. Many Shops have opened there doors here. Here you can also find some restaurants and bars to spend the late hours.

Interested? Just take one of our trains to Jeff Heldens Station. At the station, we've put up an information office. Here you can find all the details and subscribe yourself as our newest citizen.

Hope to see you soon,

Sir Edward James, Registration Office.
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