Ultimate War - Pandora Rebels

Only one side of the great war that ripped tthis wasteland to shreds and made it the way it is today.
Rebels are good peple who simply don't want to be part of CHK's so-called utopia. Under command of Asuka and her lieutenant Zaraki, they protect all those who share their ideology. They have managed to secure bases in various Metro Stations and fortified Raiders bases. Their only ally are the Outcasts of the Brotherhood. They have few men and weaponry and thus rely on robots when embarking on night operations. Bases include the Evergreen Mills and Northwest Seneca Station, though both are currently lightly defended. The only way to reach their main bases, Last Bastion City and Pandora Capitol City, is to traverse Metro Central. The Pandora Rebels rely on deception and make the most of the confusion whenever the Dark Orb attacks CHK. Pulling men to their border means CHK leaves DC an easy target for the Pandora Rebels to seize.
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