US Army Vault

There is a simple quest and storyline along with three new guns with new textures to make them unique, one is simply a re-texture and changed projectile for the alien blaster. The second gun is a pulse pistol modded from Dan's Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol re-textured and higher quality The third is a gauss pistol I made by altering the plasma rifle model and textures.
In the NukaCola bottling factory on the storage and mixing vats level, there is a hatch that leads deep underground. Exploring deep inside you'll learn of a vault down there that a massive cave-in trapped. With the help of the Enclave placing a C-4 charge (that you get to detonate) you clear away the cave-in and become the first and perhaps last outsider the vault dwellers inside will ever meet, but don't get too cocky they knew someone would come eventually and they're ready to defend their home.
Prior to any of that though you'll have to fight your way through masses of several new creatures inspired by the NukaLurk!
I'll leave the rest as a surprise.
Phantomuzumaki says: 88%