Vault 139- Follow the Glowing Cola Road

One word. Radaway and lots of it.
Vault 139, a long lost vault meant to function as a military outpost after the bombs fell, was sealed and hidden from the outside world after the hostile takeover of the second overseer. Mentioned only in a single, well hidden document on the Vault-Tec mainframe, Anthony Hawks (the discoverer of the document) tasks the Lone Wanderer with infiltrating the vault and finding a device that could vastly improve the general health of the wasteland...and provide one with the knowledge to use it vast amounts of wealth.

Venture deep underground into a vast network of caves under the Nuka Cola Factory that are flooded with Nuka-Cola Quantum. While the cola has eaten through a wall of the vault, effectively blessing you with access to the vault, beware of the dangers of sifting through it and visitors the caves have attracted. Can you make it out of alive and intact?

The quest starts in Canterbury Commons.
Phantomuzumaki says: 90%