GTS - Iceland

Another great addon to the GTS maddon, with even more weapons, homes, enemies and armour.
A massive ruined city: 230 exterior cells, includes many historical Icelandic buildings.

A massive wasteland, haven't counted cells.

61 interior cells (120+ planned, haven't added most of the random-suburbs interiors)

Over 75 New Items

12 new unique quests including 3 main-storyline quests and 9 side-quests

Exclusive new perks

Lore Friendly!

Over 120 new dialogue options!

A buyable house with buyable upgrades

3 new creatures by Zenl (They're modder's resource)

Brand new Textures and meshes!

Shape the city; the choices you make in quests actually matter, (example: if you clean out a cave full of hostile creatures some villagers will move out of the city to build farms there etc.)

Alot of hidden treasures and easter eggs all around the city.

...and more!
Phantomuzumaki says: 99%
non gts - dont need the global travel system--
GTS needs the gts--