Underground City

Underground City is still a Work in Progress. The ending is not finished yet. My main reason for this release was to invite critisism and suggestions for a good ending. To insatll this mod, simply extract all files to your Fallout3\Data directory. Then select UNDCity from FOMM and start the game. This mod was intended as an alternate beginning after leaving Vault 101. It is intended for characters below level 5. You can expect to level up 10-15 times before finishing this mod, depending on your starting level. Entrance to the Mod is gained by talking with Gonzalo Ruiz in Megaton on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.
Before the war, there was a top-secret underground military base inhabited by the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE). Its primary function was to act as a research and testing facility for the Army's latest military technology. The base was buried so deep beneath the surface of the earth, that it survived the war intact. As time went by, the remaining inhabitants dug out and built Underground City as a safe haven from the desolation on the surface. Generation after generation lived within the safety of Underground City and the knowledge of the base and its contents was mostly lost save for its legend.
Now the inhabitants of the City are being besieged by ferocious beasts and a band of cut-throat raiders. The Lone Wanderer has been hired to clear the path to the surface such that the residents may once again engage in free-trade with the other cities of the capitol wasteland.
Help the residents with their attackers, befriend the city's residents. Gain their trust by aiding them in many side quests. Learn of the legend of the old base and set out to discover its secrets.

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